Building Trust by Building Well
Barry O’Reilly, Founder, Black Tulip Technology

In an age of increasing uncertainty in markets, geopolitics, business models, and technology, the architect must create trust in an organisation’s ability to execute under increasingly volatile circumstances.

This session describes how we can approach complexity as architects and deliver consistently in the face of constant upheaval. It’s easy to fall into the trap of pretending that we have all answers, can predict the future, or control volatility through the latest framework or silver bullet. This damages trust in the ability to deliver on technological promises, a noted problem in Software Engineering since 1968.

  • What is complexity, and do architects understand it?
  • Fragility and antifragility in software
  • Delivering consistently: Antifragile Systems Design
  • Defining a new type of architect

Barry O’Reilly is the founder of Black Tulip Technology and creator of ”Antifragile System Design”. He has held Chief Architect roles at Microsoft and IDesign, been Microsoft’s IOT TAP Lead for Western Europe, and Worldwide Lead for Microsoft’s Solution Architecture Community. He has also been a startup CTO, and was a founder of Sweden’s Azure User Group.