Introducing an international Code-of-Conduct for IT architects
Paul Preiss, president, Iasa Global

The notion of trust in differing fields of expertise is both exlusive and extremely difficult to maintain and deliver. Trust based expertise is inherent in every aspect of every day of your life. The people who cut your hair, do your taxes, sign your marriage license, fix your plumbing, and provide healthcare to your families are all trusted to act with reasonable efficiency and effectiveness and to be skilled in the latest practices in their areas of expertise.

In, The Future of Professions by Richard and Daniel Susskind, the authors make the case that professionals have a contract with society for which they receive status, guaranteed revenue and long term career stability. This personal contract is based on trust and ethics.

The world of technology has long ignored and been ignored by this societal contract. Technology has mostly been immune to both individual as well as corporate liability for its decisions and impacts. But the world has changed. We technologists are now controlling every aspect of daily lives, from surgery to flight to elections. And now we are putting technology in charge directly with AI and ML techniques. And that is why Iasa is developing and enforcing a professional code of conduct for its certified professionals. Both to guarantee the quality of their work as well as the quality of their outcomes.

  • A review the code of conduct from a down to earth and practical perspective
  • The clauses and the benefits each brings to our daily work.
  • The cultural and ethical implications and the process by which they are accredited and enforced
  • The business case of a code of conduct for the tech industry and our processes, our employers, customers, and societies.

Paul Preiss is the CEO and founder of the Iasa, one of the largest Enterprise and IT architect associations in the world. Through his time at Iasa, Paul has taken the association from a single user group in Austin, Tx to an international organization with chapters in over 25 countries. Paul’s vision is a unified architecture profession with effective education, credentials and ethics that fully supports corporate strategy and delivery.