Do you trust yourself?
Lynne Cazaly, Australian speaker, author, presenter and facilitator

In this era of swift delivery to market, rapid prototypes and iterations and change, how do we respond in ways that build trust in a team, unit, project or enterprise? At the heart of this is us, you, me. The question for building trust then is ‘do you trust yourself?’  Do you trust your ideas, your intuition, your actions, your capabilities? 

  • How excellence, quality and continuous improvement are important aspects of business. But the pursuit of perfection …not so much.
  • How our drive to make things look, feel or seem perfect is dangerously on the rise and has dire consequences for how we feel about ourselves and how well we live, work and collaborate with others.
  • How trusting ourselves to deliver something that is ‘good enough’ is a challenge for some. Problems occur when we chase the elusive ‘perfect’ – whether we’re preparing a report or presentation at work, making something or working on any of our projects in life.
  •  How adopting a practice of good enough or ‘ish’ – which means somewhat, more or less, to some extent – is a more flexible, helpful and happier way to think and work.

And best of all, it helps build trust; within us, as well as in our team, project and community. How might we make this the ‘year of ish’?

Lynne Cazaly helps individuals, teams and organisations transition to new ways of working. Lynne is an international keynote speaker, author and a master facilitator. She works with executives, senior leaders and project teams on their major change and transformation projects.

Lynne will help you think better, make sense of information and handle the realities of information overload with a range of ingenious processes, tools and methods. She is a partner with and on the Faculty of Thought Leaders Business School and is an experienced board director and chair. 

She is the author of six books including: ‘ish: The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection and the Life-Changing Practice of Good Enough’, ‘Agile-ish: How to build a culture of agility’, as well as ‘Leader as Facilitator’, ‘Making Sense’, ‘Create Change’ and ‘Visual Mojo’.